Uwell Crown 4 Dual SS904L Coil (4pck)

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The UWELL Crown 4 coils come in a 4-pack, and feature UWELL’s patented self-cleaning technology which collects excess eliquid in a chamber near the bottom of the coil and vaporizes it. This allows for less frequent cleaning of your Crown 4 Tank. These coils also have UWELL’s patented Pro Flavor Core Optimization System (or Pro-FOCS). Pro-FOCS recycles the air through the coil two times during intake in order to saturate each puff with as much flavor as possible.

The dual helix design in these Crown 4 coils are modelled after luxury watches and made out of high quality stainless steel, which give your vape experience an improved taste, vapor, and coil longevity. UWELL’s wicking material is made up of 100% Organic Cotton Fiber. These two attributes combined with the airflow and self-cleaning abilities of these Crown coils make these the longest lasting UWELL coils ever made! 

*Note: These coils are for use with the UWELL Crown 4 Sub-Ohm Tank and will not fit other UWELL tanks. Please ensure your device is capable of firing coils designed with Stainless Steel wire before using these coils.


Important Info:

Crown 4 0.2 ohm Dual SS904L Helix Coils

- 0.2 ohm resistance Double Helix Coil
- Recommended Wattage: 70W - 80W

Crown 4 0.4 ohm Dual SS904L Helix Coils

- 0.4 ohm resistance Double Helix Coil
- Recommended Wattage: 60W - 70W