Snow Wolf 200W Wrap

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You chose a Snow Wolf. You like power... control... you can vape an 18mg at 200w... Just kidding that's ridiculous, but nonetheless, you value the feeling of a high quality design. That's why wrapping your Snow Wolf in a real wood skin will only further show the world your high taste for quality. Choose from four colors: Natural (light), Walnut (Medium), Espresso (dark), Padauk (Red). 

How to install WÜD skin:

Step one:

Clean your snow wolf with alcohol wipe and dry with paper towel

Step 2:

Align [Part A] with curves at the top and bottom, using the chrome trim as a guide

NOTE: Make sure you apply on LED screen side!

Step 3:

Align [Part 3] with curves at the top and bottoms, using the chrome trim as a guide

Step 4:

Align [Part C] Cut-outs with buttons

Step 5:

Align vent holes [Part D]

Step 6:

Complete skin by pressing [Part E] against the vent holes skin and wrap around unit

Step 7:

Your Skin comes with an optional tank/atomizer adjuster [Part F]