SMOK Xcube II Wrap

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The makers of WÜD appreciate precision, that’s why they bought us all monocles to inspect every unit with. That and they wanted us to look fancy. Made with 100% real wood, we use laser precision (and actual lasers) to cut every panel for an accurate fit. Applying is easy, peel and align each piece by following the instructions in your package. WÜD is available in four real wood choices: Natural, Walnut, Espresso, and Padauk.

 Step 1:

Clean your Xcube with alcohol wipe and dry paper towel

Step 2:

Align [Part A]

Step 3:

Align [Part B] with trim around battery door cover

Step 4:

Align [Part C] battery door cover.Remove door before attaching.

Step 5:

Align [Part D] cut-outs with fire button

Not aligned how you want ? Before firmly pressing on your panels, peel and reapply.