SMOK Alien Wrap


Want to add some classy-ness to your SMOK Alien Kit? Wrap it in a WÜD Skin!! Made with 100% real wood and laser cut to perfection. Choose from four real wood color options: Natural (lightest), Walnut (medium), Espresso (darkest), Padauk (red).


How to install WÜD skin:

Step 1: Clean your Alien Mod with alcohol wipe and dry with paper towel.

If any eliquid residue remains on the mod, your skin will not adhere properly and will be ruined.


Step 2:

Before applying, pre-bend [part A] and mold over the section to shape the wood ( this will make applying much easier.)

Step 3:

Start [Part A] on the carbon fiber side of the indent, use the rounded corners as your guides.

Note: Do not press firmly until you tell the battery door can open/close with ease and that your skin is evenly applied.

Step 4:

Finish wrapping [Part A] around mod.

Step 5:

[Part B] covers the remaining metal of the battery door test to make sure door open/closes easily.

Step 6: Center [Part C] over either of the battery vent holes and wrap around.

Step 7:

Pre-bend [Part D] over fire button to help shape the wood (this will make applying much easier.)

Step 8:

align from  bottom and apply skin onto the fire button, make sure the skin doesn't interfere.

Step 9:

Add [Part E] additional top piece.