Sigelei 30W Wrap

You appreciate quality and precision, that’s why you own a Sigelei and why you will appreciate the craftsmanship of a WÜD skin. Delicately created by miniature lumberjacks, they used their little axes to precisely chop your wrap to fit perfectly around your Sigelei. Just kidding, it was done with a laser, but that’s still just as cool. Choose from four 100% wood options: Natural, Walnut, Espresso, and Padauk.

How to install WÜD skin:

Step 1:

 Clean your Sigelei with alcohol wipe and dry with paper towel

Remove all doors and clean thoroughly ! Any eliquid before applying will ruin adhesive.

Step 2:

Align [Part A] with buttons and LED screen

Step 3:

Align [Part B] with vent holes

Step 4:

Attach trim [Part C]

P.S : Make sure trim is aligned correctly by taking on and off battery door cover.