Jboi N80 Alien 0.11ohm (2pc)

$11.99 $7.99

The most warm build we offer, for the more advanced vaper who's looking for very warm and flavorful vapor. Composed of 3 strands of 27 gauge and fused together with a strand of 36g alien wire. Nichrome 80 provides very quick ramp up time for single cell devices.

Specifications: 3x 27g/ 36g- 5 wraps- 3mm ID- .11-.13 ohms

  • Each container will come with TWO handcrafted coils (specified above)
  • All wire is Twisted Messes Nichrome 80
  • All coils are inspected to ensure the best quality possible
  • PLEASE be aware of Ohms Law and battery safety precaution before using these builds