Eleaf iStick 100W TC Wrap

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This new iStick by Eleaf is pretty awesome and comes with many neat features. But.... Its missing one thing, a WÜD Skin! Our skins are made with 100% real wood, making everyone of them a little different than the next. To make sure this wrap will line up perfectly around your mod, we craft each one with an actual laser. Very easy to install, just peel and align! Transform your iStick with one of these and you'll have one of the coolest iSticks out there! Available in four real wood choices: Natural (lightest), Walnut (medium), Espresso (darkest), and Padauk (red).

Step 1:

Clean your Joyetech with alcohol wipe and dry with paper towel

Any eliquid before applying will ruin adhesive.

Step 2:

Align [Part A] with edge of door cover and roll wrap around

Note: remove door for easier application

Step 3:[Part B] redo on the other side

Step 4:

Center [Part C] over LED screen, in between door panels, using the edge of the panel as a guide

Step 5:

Position [Part D] over vent holes and in between door panels

Step 5:

Add top piece [Part E] over locking button to complete your skin

Not aligned how you want? Before firmly pressing on panels, peel and reapply.