Joyetech Cuboid Mini Wrap

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Now that Joyetech has finally released the mini version of the very popular Cuboid... It's time to wrap that baby in a WÜD Skin! These wraps are made with 100% real wood and laser cut for precision. By wrapping your mod in one of these, you can have the best looking Cuboid Mini! Just choose from 4 real wood options: Natural (lightest), Walnut (medium), Espresso (darkest), Padauk (red).

 Step 1:

Clean your Cuboid Mini with alcohol wipe and dry with paper towel.

If any eliquid residue remains of the mod, your skin will not adhere properly and will be ruined.

Step 2:

Start [Part A]  to the right of the LED screen and once level, press firmly to anchor adhesive before wrapping around mod

Note: use a flat surface as a level to apply

Step 3:

Fit [Part B] on to LED screen 


Step 4:

Follow the same process as above for [Part C]  around the tank



Step 5:

Fit [part D] onto window

Step 6:

Attach [Part E] top cover piece

Not aligned how you want? Before firmly pressing on panels, peel and reapply.