Cosmic Charlie's Dream Cream Eliquid - 15mL


No, we won’t pinch you because you are not dreaming! However, a smooth vanilla cream complimented by rich fudge and a trace of cinnamon will turn your dreams to reality !

About Cosmic Charlie’s: Charlie plays with words as a child plays with a cardboard box, exploring every meaning, definition, interpretation and imagination. As he travels through his vernacular some may become lost in the cosmic realm in where his mind resides. Lucky for us, Charlie left the world with recipes for 7 amazing flavors - a cosmic array of vape juices which give undeniable satisfaction to all who partake.

"On a cosmic scale, our life is insignificant, yet this brief period when we appear in the world is the time in which all meaningful questions arise."

Primary Flavors : Vanilla, Cream, Fudge, Cinnamon

PG/VG Ratio: 50/50

Bottle Size: 15mL

Bottle Type: Glass with dropper top