With all of these different ways to make your JUUL different from the rest, its hard to choose which one will transform it the best way possible. Now that we've finally released this beautiful STÄB JUUL Wrap, the answer is simple! These skins are absolutely beyond reproach and will have everyone wanting what you've got. Laser cut to perfection to ensure a precise fit around those tiny features of your JUUL.

Step 1:

Clean your JUUL with alcohol wipe and dry with paper towel

Step 2:

First, pre-bend all the corners on your JUUL wrap

Step 3: Starting in the center of your wrap,align the inner corner lines with the top edge of your JUUL

NOTE: make sure the LED cut out is on the correct side

NOTE: The wrap will not cover the entire unit, there needs to be space at the bottom for your JUUL to fit onto the charging port

Step 4:

Wrap skin until they meet on the other side, you may have to work the two pieces together, pressing against a flat surface to fit the wrap

Not aligned how you want ? Before firmly pressing on panels, peel and reapply.