Pioneer IPV D3 Wrap

Just like its predecessor IPV D3 is beautifully engineered, why not add a beautifully engineered wood skin? Hand finished and laser cut for perfect lines, a wood skin will take your IPV to a whole new level. Choose from two 100% real wood options: Natural (light) and Espresso (dark).

How to install WÜD skin:

Step 1:

Clean your IPV D3 with alcohol wipe and dry paper towel

Clean thoroughly! Any Eliquid before applying will ruin adhesive

Step 2:

Leaving Door on, align [Part A] with one side of battery door cover and wrap around

Step 3:

[Part B] Follow edge of battery door cover, follow the images on the first page

Step 4:

[Part C] follow edge of battery door cover, and wrap around

Step 5:

Align [Part D] over buttons and LED screen


Step 6:

Center [Part E] to the left of LED screen, curved part facing out



Step 7:

Center [Part F] to the right of LED screen, Curved part facing out