Wismec Noisy Cricket Wrap


Looking for a way to change the look of your Noisy Cricket? Well here ya go! Simply wrap it in a Real Wood Skin! These WÜD skins will without a doubt, transform your Noisy Cricket into the hottest mod out there. Each one is different because it is made with 100% wood, making every skin unique in its own way. Our Real Wood Skins are very easy to apply, just peel and align. Available in 5 sustainable real wood choices: Natural (lightest), Walnut (medium), Espresso (darkest), Paduak (red), and ZebraWÜD (while supplies last) **Note: All Wood Skins are created equally, unfortunately the Noisy Crickets are not.. We have noticed minor changes in the dimensions of the width, causing a slight gap in some Noisy Crickets.

 Step 1:

Clean your noisy cricket with alcohol wipe and dry with paper towel

Any eliquid before applying will ruin adhesive.



Step 2:

Center [Part B] with the vent holes at the bottom of your mod

Step 3:

Fold down the reference tab gently, make sure it's straight

Step 4:

Center [Part C] between the fire button and atomizer platform

Note: make sure reference tabs are on the same side!

Step 5:

Fold down the reference tab gently, make sure it is straight and lines up with the tab below

Note: This is very important because it sets the alignment for the rest of the wrap


Step 6:

Press [Part A] against the left of the two tabs, must be the LEFT!

Step 7:

Wrap half way then tear [part C] off completely and tear only tab off [Part B]

Step 8:

Finish by rolling wrap around the remainder of the mod

Not aligned how you want? Before firmly pressing on panels, peel and reapply.